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About Us

Natral. net was created in a digital age where we are now more than ever less in touch with nature.

And our natural surroundings. The increasing concerns of the welfare and well being of our planet;

wildlife and mankind which speaks volumes for it’s self. This website is about being as healthy and

natural as one can hope to be. And be eco friendly at the same time. We hope that people contribute

to a better and healthier planet. And as many people are increasingly aware, it makes sense to take

care of our bodies, our families & friends and to love one another and take care by being responsible.

This website was created by myself, Monique-Maxine. Currently residing in London in the UK.

I have been interested in healing and holistic therapies for a number of years. I volunteer at a therapy

group for those suffering with Dementia and have in the past used Music Therapy for Mental Health.

As I studied Online Marketing and WordPress last year, I thought I’d make a useful blog site for health.

I’ve read many books on the topics of Buddhism, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Dreams, Natural Healing.

Purposeful living, Law Of Attraction and more. I’ve spoken with Shamans, Clairvoyants and Healers.

As a natural healer and researcher (all my life). I’ve practiced many healing techniques and I’m very

happy to reply to your email if you get in touch via the contact page.