3:11 pm - Sunday November 24, 7416

Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are a healthier choice for your body than sugary or acidic foods like tomatoes.

Knowing which foods are alkaline and acidic takes a bit of getting used to but it’s worth knowing!

Usually most processed foods are not digested in the ideal way, they may take hours or days to be

successfully digested. And the same goes for meat. Some readers may be put off by me talking about

the fact that meat is not good for your body. But actually for those who have considered going vegan,

Here’s a little secret which helps! Flavor (herbs and spices) are what usually jazz up the meal and you

can use those and vary the texture of food/meals by different ways of preparing vegetables & Quorn.

5 a day is just a way of saying eat a lot more fruit and veg. But is a lot of fruit really that good for us?

Vegetables, especially organic or home grown are the best and most nutritious of all. Baking your own

bread and buns, wraps and flat breads, cakes and tarts will taste so much better than those in store!

Some fruits are especially beneficial for us but probably not for daily consumption.

Here is a list of the best protein rich and alkaline foods you should be aiming to eat everyday;