3:11 pm - Tuesday November 24, 7395

Blood Pressure

There are some natural remedies floating around the web for treating high blood pressure.

The main thing is that it is very critical if you’re taking any medication for it to ask your doctor.

If you’re using blood thinners, medications like Warferin you do not want to start consuming lots of

Garlic for example. So for some people reducing their hypertension by diet and exercise is okay,

whereas others need medication for the rest of their life. Other patients may be able to lower

their sugar and fat intake, start up gentle exercise and eventually come off their medication.

It is also rumored that Magnesium and Vitamin D are useful in the over all health of the patient.

Also if you have type 2 diabetes please read the page and article relating to that.

You can aim to eat less sugar, saltĀ and fat to start with. But ask a doctor beforeĀ taking remedies!

Try a finger massage for instant relief of rising blood pressure (middle and little fingers) and take

deep gentle breaths.

*Always take your medication & dial emergency services if you go very red, feel numbness/weakness

or have altered visual symptoms or are sick/fall or experience bad tightness in the chest or head areas.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.