3:11 pm - Monday November 24, 7355


As a relative of mine had some cancerous polyps a while ago and got sick again

It was really important to find out what could help him and I stumbled upon some Nobel Prize

Winning cures for Cancer that some are aware of now and some aren’t.

I’m sharing this information because I know what stress, hopelessness and sickness is like.

It could happen to anyone at any time and I have seen far too much of it myself.

Only wishing that I had done or said something.

On a more cheerful note, now it is publicly known that sugar and fat are a favorite for the

Cancer to feed off and grow. We are advised to start a better diet. Oxygen therapy may be useful.

The two things I’m most aware of being successful are;

Spirinula & Graviola Tea. They work very quickly! It may be beneficial to take Spirinula &

Chlorella (both types of sea algae) known to help fight the big C. Graviola Tea, made from

the leaves of the Graviola or Sour Sop plant are getting some fine reviews from cancer patients.

I tried my friend with the Spirinula (little green pills) and she confirmed she felt much better

and requested some more! A very quick result and I myself got a sample packet and felt GREAT!