3:11 pm - Thursday November 24, 7335


Diabetes type 2 is something I understand a little bit about as Mums always had it.

Being overweight and managing health is a never ending story. It’s so easy for some

people to put on weight even if they don’t eat that much! Or eat the wrong type

of food. Usually crisps, fizzy drinks and fatty foods.

Well anyway there are foods which can help balance the blood sugar in a way that

is self regulating. But cutting down on the no no foods is suggested first of all.

The natural food is – cinnamon!

Diabetes is a preventable disease. So if you have stumbled upon this page, please be aware

of what message you give to your children and how often you snack or binge on icecream/cake

because it could potentially be a life saver! Smaller portions of treats are also a very good idea.