3:11 pm - Tuesday November 24, 7254


Natural healing is about recognizing signs our body sends us such as disharmony or discord in our lives.

The fastest way to home in on what may be the cause is to try meditation, contemplation or prayer.

Listening to those around us who may notice things or a change before we do, is vital. So listen more.

The way back to health is remembering how we felt as children. The things we were happy doing.

Like hobbies, interests and in fact our karmic purpose. While we may have been aware of our path,

most of us drift away from our true nature and our natural world -vital to our life path and our health.

Getting back to our purpose, values and the confident version of ourselves (courageous and strong).

Without ego, without anger, guilt or hurt, this is the way to transform ourselves back to total health.

As we get older we become busy, stressed, worried, stuck in our ways, stubborn, egotistical and fussy.

Or have many responsibilities and spent some time in a bad relationship. We all have this in our lives.

But really when we look a little closer we are still the same people. Patched up. We’re still the same!

Improving the way we perceive life and feeling strong in our goals, core emotions and what we put

into our bodies every day. And what we put out! It’s all energy ultimately everything’s to be respected.

Clear communication is the key. When you are honest with yourself and others you feel good inside!

Counselling can be helpful for improving over all health and clear communication (listening/speaking).

Gradually work on your life goals as everything in life should be done in such a way. Gently & gradually.

By trying a bit harder and not giving up we continue to do our best and to love ourselves and others

– surely we will overcome the challenges of body, soul and mind.

(And have the gift of good health!)