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Memory Loss

There are several types of memory loss that people can experience.

Most commonly the causes are minor/temporary as we are all leading extremely busy lives. But if there are signs which aren’t going away, look at your diet, hydration levels, get clean fresh air daily, reduce toxicity levels with a regular detox and commit to getting more structured exercise and a good nights sleep.

1. People can get memory loss from the following;

Poor diet, sleep deprivation, stress, trauma, work or family problems, parasites, sleep apnea or boredom!

If it is severe you will need to notify the doctor and find some support/specialist information.

Sometimes it takes too long to get the diognosis but prevention is better than cure!

Considering the above issues is stop number one. Is there anything that can be improved? SUPPLEMENTS!

AlteimerzStroke, Dementia, Other neurological/brain conditions or diseases.

There are supplements that can help improve the memory and short term/recent memory loss. Act fast!

2. These products are known for improving circulation especially in the brain;

Lecithin for stroke, Ginkgo, Ginseng and as far as we know these products aren’t doing any harm at all.

Whilst helping to improve the concentration, memory and cognitive function.

Ask your general practitioner and give one or all a try. It might make a great difference!

If there is a diagnosis of Alteimers or Dementia it is important to respect the person and help them

to understand what is happening and to not let them worry too much or feel ashamed. They will

still enjoy activities, or hobbies that they enjoyed before and these hobbies or new activities will

be enriching and slow down the symptoms. They can come to terms with it better in a group where

others are experiencing similar problems. And feel supported. Also carers will need extra support.