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Going For That Beach Body? Cheat Sheet.. Here’s the fast way to lose weight, lose pounds in 1-2 weeks!

  1. Walking 90 minutes will do the trick (TIP walk downhill) x2
  2. Do a few mini curcuits or exercises at home, stretch out etc.
  3. Take a bike ride/explore alongside a canal, flat footpaths
  4. Wait until you’re actually hungry before you eat, eat less
  5. Do a lot of cleaning/sorting at home, it becomes addictive!

If you’ve been out of shape a while, these type of techniques will kick start your fat burning and you won’t be under stress. Forget racing heart, sore knees, fancy gym clothes. Just make a start!

It’s a good idea to understand nutrition at the same time. We do need to consume some healthy fats, we need energy so we need some sugar/carbohydrates and we need protein. But take aways and beer are a big nono when on a diet. Experiment with your own recipes or copy the ones you like using less fat/salt/sugar. Chances are it will taste better!

I recently started taking Cod Liver Oil (yes it’s disgusting btw) I unfortunately had no choice in the matter, needed a larger dose. Soon I will switch to the capsual form.. 🙂

I was told by a doctor who was treating my Mum for Gloucoma that rice was the bad guy for high blood pressure and that potatoes and bread are better options. I was really surprised. Best thing to do is start your day with freshly squeezed orange juice/quater 2 cold oranges if you don’t have time and eat more vegetables, freshly prepared meals, soups, exotic fruits.

Soda Water, Yerba MatĂ© tea (/Slimming Teas), hot water with Lemon and Cayan Pepper (lovely), Sparkling Spring Water + Smoothie/Cordial. Who needs the shop to do it – make your own!

Many of us are guilty of the same thing. Nibbling out of boredom! There’s also a misconception that we need to eat regularly and consume a certain amount of sugar every couple of hours. This is not so!

We continue to go up and down in weight or find it difficult to shake off the extra pounds. Until we find the diet that’s right for us! Get the taste buds going with herbs n spices, try everything!

Weightgain can be sudden going up one or two clothes sizes.

Maybe the clothes didn’t shrink in the wash. (LOL)

As you notice or people comment though you may dismiss it, it is best tackled sooner rather

than later! The easiest way for me to put on weight is a few too many drinks and a take away.

That’s all it takes for some of us. Particularly over a certain age. And then it starts to put

pressure on our joints and cause other unnecessary problems.

Read our page about alkaline foods and start an exercise regime before the problems arise!

Especially if there is any family history relating to being over weight it’s best to avoid it.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being curvy or thick.

If you’re comfortable, have always been comfortable and don’t have health issues it’s great

to be confident with who you are. But if you do have some problems it’s best to talk them

through with somebody and make a new start. I’m sure your partner/friends will be supportive!